We're Taking Fashion Notes from Fitness Instructor Jaymali
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We're Taking Fashion Notes from Fitness Instructor Jaymali

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Jazmine Gondola-Leffridge is a fitness instructor and owner of her own company, Jaymali Fit, and a bit of a guru on all things health and wellness. Her website and blog, Jaymali.com (Jaymali is Jazmine in Thai) is filled with workout advice, skin and haircare tips, healthy eating posts and more.

But in addition to focusing on health, fitness and beauty, Gondola-Leffridge has great style! Striking solid colors and long, elegant fabrics are this health and beauty influencer's go-tos when it comes to fashion, and her instagram (@jazminegondola). Her looks are a wide assortment of workout wear, everyday street clothes and evening outfits, and she rocks them all!

We've gone ahead and pulled some of our favorite Jazmine Gondola looks here, but definitely check out her social media and website for more!

All Black Shirt, Boots and One Shiny Pair of Black Pants

The key to rocking an expected color like black is to take it in bold, daring directions. That's exactly what Gondola did here! The shiny, fitted black pants are the real stunner, and they are as fitted as they are shiny! The next most daring item here would be the laced up black boots with high stiletto heels, but paired with the pants they look both mellowed and high fashion. 

Gondola balanced this look out with a simple black T-shirt that's knotted up at the front. It would be very casual on its own, but here it looks very intentional and part of the high fashion vibe. When trying this look out yourself, check out different styles from the best boot brands, and feel few to add a few gold jewelry pieces if you want to dress it up. A wide variety of hairstyles would also work well here. 

Leopard Print Mini Dress and Matching Shoes!

Leopard print is always a bold choice, and sometimes the best way to rock it is to go all out. We're in love with this leopard print mini dress because it's both sexy and classy (the long sleeves and ruffle down the front see to that), and it has such a great fit. But look closely, and you'll see that Gondola took this look a step further by pairing it with a pair of matching leopard print strappy high heels

You can make this look your own by accessorizing it however you want. The great thing about leopard print is that not only does it look good on just about everyone, but it also goes with a wide range of jewelry styles and colors! We see a black clutch bag working best here, but if you're really daring, we'd also like to see this look done with a matching leopard print bag! 

Teal and Gray Workout Outfit

How could we include a fitness instructor without featuring at least one workout outfit? Gondola has a lot of fantastic, envy-worthy fitness looks on her instagram, but we chose this one because of the contrasting teal and gray shades, not to mention that awesome cropped hoodie with cutouts

The teal leggings are a beautiful color, and we love how she went with a matching sports bra to peep out from underneath the hoodie. This gives the outfit a more fluid, intentional look. 

When adapting this look for yourself, keep in mind that the key here really is simplicity. We often go with crazy prints or a lot of cutouts for workout wear, which are fun, but this look stands out as particularly stunning because it is only in two colors and keeps the details simple.

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