This Blondie in the City is Keeping it Real
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This Blondie in the City is Keeping it Real

Hayley Larue is as real as it gets. This Los Angeles influencer would be the first to tell you that she's been dying her hair blonde for several years now and has gotten her fair share of botox and fillers. She'd also tell you that she didn't start her blog, Blondie in the City, five years ago as a creative outlet like so many others, but rather because she just liked the idea of running a website (she's into web design). Nevertheless, she proved to have a knack for sharing honest fashion, beauty and lifestyle tips!

Larue's instagram (@hayleylarue) is filled with a blend of bold polka dots and stripes, fun leopard print and sharp dark hues. Get a preview of Larue's style with the awesome looks we've gone ahead and pulled here!

Dark Camo Leggings with Graphic Long-sleeved Tee and Designer Sneakers

At a glance this look appears strictly casual. It is, but it has plenty of high fashion flair! We're really into the dark camo leggings (camo is definitely back in style, but darker shades like this look more edgy and modern). We love how Larue creates even more dimension by opting for a graphic long-sleeved tee instead of a plain solid color one, and she also helps break up the dark color as a result. You can definitely adjust the prints when adapting this look for yourself, but go for darker tones to channel Larue's vibe.

The designer black sneakers are the other eye-catching part of this outfit, and in a sense they feel just as refined as a pair of pumps. Larue went and drew even more attention to them by going with short socks that expose her ankles. 

Larue finishes this look off with a pair of oversized sunglasses in the shape of abstract hearts and just a few simple bracelets. Notice how she also went with pale pink nail polish that really pops against the dark tones of her clothing. We also feel like you could get away with adding more jewelry to this look or switching to another cheerful nail polish tint of your choice. 

White Tee with Distressed Jeans and Designer Scarf

The designer print scarf is the real eye-catcher here, but the other pieces complement it so well that the whole look shines as a go-to street wear outfit. You can wear a completely different-looking scarf when adapting this outfit, as long as you stick with basic other pieces like Larue's white button-up tee and distressed jeans!

Larue completes this look with quite a few earrings and bracelets, but they're all so simple in design that the look doesn't feel heavy. Feel free to wear as much or as little jewelry as you want for this look, but it's wise to keep it simple to maintain a light feeling.

Matching Polka Dot Two-piece Ensemble

This look is fairly simple, but man is it fire! Larue balances the red polka dot ruffle crop top by wearing her hair down and flowing. However, even an updo or long braid would work here because the look is so stunning with the long matching polka dot side slit skirt. This is a fun, elegant even, look for any days spent in warmth and sunshine! Larue completes it with a simple necklace, but you could go with a heavier one or a fun pair of the trendiest sunglasses to top it off. 

If exposing a decent amount of skin isn't your thing, you can definitely have a similar effect with a jumpsuit or matching separates that don't show off as much. Go with whatever you're comfortable and feel best in!

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