The Midlife Fashionista is Your Style Guide for Middle Age
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The Midlife Fashionista is Your Style Guide for Middle Age

We've said it before, and we'll say it again, fashion is for all ages! That's why we love fashionistas like Susan Kanoff, the creative mind behind The Midlife Fashionista blog. Now in middle age, this fashion blogger and influencer has had an eye for great looks since childhood.

Kanoff is also the founder and Executive Director of Uncommon Threads, a women's empowerment program, so she's actively balancing this career with her work as an influencer and stylist. She understands better than anyone that great style also needs to be functional for everyday work and errand-running. Take a look at her instagram page (@themidlifefashionista), and you'll see that Kanoff's style is a mix of stylish blazers and sweaters, flowing and comfortable dresses and pants and plenty of leggings. Take a peek at the looks we've gone ahead and pulled for you here!

Black Top with White Pants, Black Vest and Beige Sandals

This outfit is everything: comfortable, functional and effortlessly stylish! Black and white always pair well together, and we love how Kanoff balanced this look out by putting the white on bottom with a pair of beige sandals. Nevertheless, the white pants really pop below that longsleeved black top with a snappy black vest

Notice how the only jewelry Kanoff has on here is the silver watch on her wrist. That's because the popping contrast of the black and white really don't need any extra jewelry to making the outfit stand out more (especially with the golden snaps on the vest). Even so, if you do want to accessorize this look for yourself though, we see some simple gold or silver pieces working well here, or a pair of the most stylish sunglasses brands

Look closely though, and you'll see that Kanoff finished this look off with some red nail polish! Paint your nails an eye-popping color of your choice to give your outfit a small splash of color.

Camo Dress with Black Handbag, Silver Necklace and Black Sandals

Camo is very much in style right now, and Kanoff proves here that it works well no matter what age you are! This short camo dress is great because it's a dark print that can easily be dressed up or down. Here, Kanoff goes for somewhere in the middle by pairing it with some flat black sandals and a fairly simple silver necklace

She finishes the look off with a black handbag that both matches the sandals and complements the other colors of the outfit. You can make this look your own by mixing up the accessories, but take note from Kanoff and go with ones that mesh well together. You can also play around with different hairstyles for this look.

Cropped Print Palazzo Pants with All White Top and Shoes

The pants here are obviously the main feature of this outfit. These cropped palazzo pants come in a beautiful purple-toned print, and Kanoff makes it even more stunning by pairing it with all white accentuating pieces. The white shirt is underneath a crisp white denim jacket, and on bottom Kanoff is wearing a pair of simple white low-top sneakers. She finishes the look with a simple necklace. 

You can easily adapt this look for yourself by going with your own pair of print pants. Make them pop by pairing them with pieces that are all in the same light color (if white isn't your thing, consider light gray). Keep accessories beyond that on the simple side.

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