Sydney Carver – Classic, Invigorating and Refreshing Like a Summer Wind
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Sydney Carver – Classic, Invigorating and Refreshing Like a Summer Wind

Sydney Carver’s fashion blog, Summer Wind, highlights all that Carver holds dear in life: fashion, family, traveling, bubbly and living well. Active and social, Carver loves to spend time outdoors and cheering on her team: the Pittsburgh Steelers.

A Pittsburgh native, Carver spent her college days in the south and it shows! Her classic, elegant style has a preppy, southern twist that we’re drooling over. It’s timeless, refreshing and a clear manifestation of her zest for life. Her signature look combines comfortable pieces – think oversized scooped-neck sweaters – with oh-so feminine flared skirts and designer heels.

Whether you’re an urban lady or a southern belle, Carver’s sweet, simple style will increase your fashion sophistication. The following picks from Carver’s Instagram will help you emulate her look:

Snazzy Traveler

Ready for a weekend getaway, Sydney donned these stunning, sophisticated and comfy threads. The look features a tweed jacket over simple white leggings and a black tee, proving once and for all that the key to a great outfit is to start with a few basic pieces and garnish with a statement piece and coordinated accessories.

To dress like Carver, stock your wardrobe with basic, universal pieces that you can mix and match. Splurge on arresting, jaw-dropping pieces and wear them whenever you want all eyes on you.

Playful Color

For this look, Carver makes a statement with a bold, colorful scarf. The vibrant tapestry of the scarf is set off by coordinating solid pieces in matching and complimentary tones. Dressed in layers for warmth, Carver chose ochre loafers for comfort and a pop of color.

Don’t be afraid to play with color and bold patterns. Put your outfit together by choosing your statement piece first and adding solid pieces in complimentary colors.

Romantic Elegance

Enjoying the sunshine and Summer Wind, Carver displays a gorgeous, romantic bell skirt with a soft, floral print in pastel colors. Since the skirt makes the impact, she chose to top it off with a plane button up tied off at the waist and a pair of sandals.

Again, Carver has taught you how you can transform your everyday look and become a fashion icon with a few statement pieces. With this approach, you can elevate your look one eye-catching piece at a time, which is definitely in the budget. For more ideas, check out Carver on IG.

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