Style staples fuel the 'Breezing Through' fashions of Emily Bylund
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Style staples fuel the 'Breezing Through' fashions of Emily Bylund

The best dressed people sometimes have a fashion sense that defies labeling. Every outfit seems appropriate, but from day to day the style varies. It's a relatable approach to dressing, because it is how most of us build our wardrobes. Fancy dresses for special occasions, business attire for the office, comfy casuals for jean days and weekend shopping trips and all the soft, cozy fabrics for home.

Emily Bylund is a conference organizer, fashion influencer, wife and mother who shares both the clothes you want to wear and the pieces you already own in her photographs. At the Breezing Through blog and @breezingthrough on Instagram, you will find plenty of gorgeous dresses and polished ensembles for the office and lovely parties, but you will also find colorful jeans perfect for a casual dress day at work alongside striped dresses and Spanx leggings. Spend a few minutes browsing, and it's easy to picture Bylund as a friend with valuable fashion tips and the best sale shopping advice.

Bringing dressy casual home

Denim doesn't always have to be one note. A variety of jeans are offered in soft and bold color palettes perfect for pairing on days you want to look put together but aren't ready to sacrifice a bit of stretch. Emily often pairs colored pants with patterned tops for shopping trips and photographs highlighting a normal day at home. 

In a March post sharing product recommendations, Emily wears jeans in a lovely peach hue. The subtle color keeps the ensemble dainty while a wide-print black and white gingham button-down shirt adds a playful element when knotted at the waist. Dangling earrings, a coordinating watch and bracelet elevate the look while still feeling like easy to access items.

Pops of color for spring

Knowing when to kick it up a notch is a hallmark of a solid fashionista. It also keeps people guessing and wondering what you will wear next. Among her approachable offerings, Emily often interjects a statement dress or boot. In an early June 2019 post, she wears a darling red A-line dress with eyelet detailing. The flowing fabric adds a playful feeling to the power color. 

A fun squared-off blue purse provides a pop of contrast while a straw hat balances the whimsy of the dress with a bit of grown-up sensibility. Aviator sunglasses, drop earrings and a long necklace add a boss edge.

These boots are made for layering

An Instagram review quickly reveals that Emily enjoys a good boot and often uses the footwear as a layering element. In the winter, cuffed jeans accented a fuzzy knee-length boot and a pair of rubber boots popped up on a recent shopping trip. 

In a winter post, a pair of va-va-voom over knee black boots provided a perfect layer over a pair of faux leather leggings. The competing textures helped add edge to a sophisticated burgundy sweater with a white collared undershirt. Dangling oval earrings and a long necklace helped offset the single-color top and further elongate the lines of the classy ensemble. 

Keeping certain elements of the closet on repeat, such as favorite boot styles or key accessories, helps cultivate a signature style despite dressing for the events of the day. Emily regularly demonstrates that a statement necklace works equally well over a holiday jumpsuit or a casual striped dress, dangling earrings aren't just for nights out and a faithful pair of leggings can hit the big time with the right boot. The most important element of fashion is to be yourself and have fun doing it.

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