Stefanie Eadie – According to Blaire
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Stefanie Eadie – According to Blaire

Hailing from the gorgeous southern state of Virginia, Stefanie Eadie hopes to inspire moms with her fresh and fun fashion blog, According to Blaire. And inspire she does. Full of life and fab finds, Stefanie’s blog is ideal for every mom-on-the-go that wants to be comfortable and stylish at the same time.

According to Blaire, style is wholesome, timeless and interspersed with casual prints and impactful statement pieces. Stefanie has a sweet, country vibe that is beautiful, approachable and oh-so-comfortable. Everything a mom dreams of!

We’re loving it! If you want to feel like a confident fashionista in the school drop-off line, check out a few of According to Blaire’s looks:

Casual Denim

Ideal for brisk, cold days, this look features a puffy vest, layered over flannel and black denim. Stefanie is not afraid to mix prints and beautifully blends a checkerboard pattern with leopard print; the touches of red that pull it all together.

The key to achieving this look at home is to stop overthinking it. Don your favorite pieces that make you feel beautiful and confident.

Timeless Grace

Classic and graceful, this wholesome look is perfect for shopping with the girls or going out with your beau. Featuring a camel sweater dress with oversized stripes and matching over-the-knee boots, this outfit makes monotone interesting. With this look, it’s all about texture.

Feel inspired? Play around with texture by choosing pieces with the same color scheme. This is a great strategy for girls who want to incorporate unique, textured pieces into their wardrobe without being too extra.

Beautifully Neutral

Who says neutrals don’t play well together? For this look, Stefanie pairs gray faded denim with a gray t-shirt. She takes it up notch with a buff jacket and peak-a-boo heels. Everything about this look is neutral, but it manages to be arresting at the same time.

To try this look at home, dress up your most-lived in pieces with a stylish pair of pumps. Going casual doesn’t mean you have to keep it all casual. Neutral colors allow you to play around with your selections.

For more fresh, fun and wholesome ideas, follow Stefanie on IG and subscribe to her blog, According to Blaire.

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