Riva Treasure is Gathering Fashion Inspiration From All Over the U.S.
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Riva Treasure is Gathering Fashion Inspiration From All Over the U.S.

What did Riva wear? She'll be the first to tell you. On her website, What Riva Wore, this fashion and lifestyle blogger reveals that she wore a graphic tee to an art exhibit in Chicago, a striped longsleeve shirt on a recent weekend in Seattle, a black romper in Las Vegas, a ruffled gray sweater in New York and a mix of just about everything in her home city of Milwaukee. 

This is one fashionista who's been around the nation's biggest fashion strongholds! Her wardrobe is an eclectic mix of patterns and colors as a result, varying greatly with each season. Needless to say, Riva Treasure is always on trend and on the lookout for new additions to her closet. Whether it's a long flowing skirt or a sleek dark ensemble, Riva knows how to dress for any occasion and any location! 

Need some inspiration for traveling or just an everyday look? Browse through Riva's diverse outfits on her instagram, @what.riva.wore, or take a look at a few of her looks that we've already gone ahead and pulled for you:

High Waisted Leopard Palazzo Pants with Fitted Black Top and Heels

It's glamorous yet casual, and we love it! This look fits a wide variety of occasions, and honestly it looks pretty comfortable in addition to being gorgeously fashion forward. We often see leopard print on shirts and occasionally skinny jeans, but it's rare that we see it in the form of flowing leopard palazzo pants (with a high waist at that!). 

These pants also have a thin white stripe down the side, adding a touch more flare. The fitted off-shoulder black top is sexy but doesn't take away from the pants. The black strappy pumps are also a nice finishing touch that complement the length of the pants. 

Not feeling the leopard print for yourself? Try your own pair of bold print palazzo pants paired with heels. And don't forget your own crossbody handbag for when you're on the go!

Rainbow Striped Blouse with Orange Headband and Distressed Jeans

All the colors of the rainbow are right here in this shirt, and we just love how cheerful and fun this whole outfit is! Riva goes all in on the color here with the addition of an orange headband and pink-orange earrings. Distressed jeans add balance to the whole look. 

Add in your own funky earrings to make this look your own, but don't forget the colorful striped blouse! If you're not into headbands, we also feel like a hair braid would be a fun substitute.

Long Print Blazer with Black Dress, Designer Necklace and Nude Strappy Pumps

This look is pure professionalism with a high fashion appeal! We love the snakeskin print blazer, though any detailed print blazer would make a good substitute here. The black dress is not the focal point here, and it's a wise choice because it serves as the perfect background for the fun print and jewelry. 

Similarly, the nude strappy pumps serve the outfit's foundation. By contrast, designer necklace really pops here and adds a touch of elegance to the look.

We love how this look is a unique take on regular professional wear, and it's a great way to express your own sense of style at the office. We also see black pumps or booties working well here, especially if strappy pumps aren't your preferred professional shoes. 

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