Peace, Love, Lauryn Hock
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Peace, Love, Lauryn Hock

Having an opinion is inevitable. Causes, organizations and rallies promoting their opinions also inevitably promote the atmosphere of negativity and judging. Rarely do we afford others respect when their opinion on what we perceive to be fundamental issues is different from ours. We often forget that behind the politics, we’re all just people trying to make it through another day. There is a blogger, however, who doesn’t care to see the political. Lauryn Hock doesn’t care about anything as much as she does about love, kindness, appreciation and respect. Except maybe her cat.

In the winter of 2013, Lauryn Hock had a talonavicular joint fusion surgery and had to stay in bed for weeks. As a way to fill her long days, Lauryn started blogging and it led her to founding her Lauryncakes platform. While it started off as a hobby, Lauryn cautions wannabe influencers, “if you’re looking to get your start with the mindset of: ‘what can I get out of this?’ then you’re in for a rough road.” By reading other blogs and taking cues from fellow bloggers, Lauryn found her voice to be one of influential love, creativity and feminism.

Our Favorite Looks:

Every influencer’s feed has at least one photo by a feature wall. Sometimes it’s sipping rose, other times it’s posing with friends but it’s always a pretty picture. Lauryn took the requisite photo at the Wynwood Walls & Art District in Miami but her caption is far from the typical. She goes into detail about the importance of murals and how they support the local economy, then ends with a wish to be able to commission a mural. External beauty meets Lauryn’s internal beauty. For her outfit, Lauryn wore high waisted striped shorts with buttons going down the front. A red and white striped short sleeve blouse knotted in the front, and a pair of camel colored espadrille wedges completed the cute and colorful look.

There are some items most of us pass over. When we’re looking through a rack of clothes, some hangers just get pushed to the side without so much as a thought. Jean skirts used to be one of those, but in recent seasons it has seen a major uptick in popularity. With the right pieces, a jean skirt can be the perfect way to refresh your style. Lauryn paired her jean skirt with an off the shoulder short sleeve top that had ruching detail at the waist and sleeve. A pair of white platform sandals and classic black shades rounded out the playful yet stylish outfit.

If ever there was a trend we’re happy to see making a comeback, it would be the rainbow trend. The personality of the print lends itself nicely to a multitude of styles and looks, while the variety of colors makes it a super versatile pattern. Lauryn’s take on the rainbow is fresh, fun and ever so fabulous. A white t-shirt with rainbow stripes was knotted on the side at the waist and paired with a short skirt in the cutest shade of orange. White platform sandals and pink mirror sunnies were all Lauryn needed to finish off the uber fun, super summery and quintessentially spring look.

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