Nuria Rose is Bringing Street Style to Petite Style
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Nuria Rose is Bringing Street Style to Petite Style

Nuria Rose is not your average fashion and lifestyle influencer-- not even by modern-day standards. She's a lab technician five days a week, Monday through Friday. On weekends, however, she's a fully fledged fashionista who pulls out all the stops!

Because of her full-time occupation, Nuria Rose understands the need for great-looking styles that are still functional and work well over long periods of time through everyday tasks. Nuria Rose shares her fashion ideas and tips with the world through her website, The Nuria Rose and instagram of the same name (@thenuriarose). She specializes in fashion-forward street style as well as looks for petite wearers like herself! 

Definitely check out Nuria Rose's website and social media for the full collage of her breezy street styles with cool colors and floral prints, but in the meantime you can get a preview here:

Striped Button Dress with Black Belt and Broad Rimmed Hat

Nuria Rose looks like she's ready to stroll the finest beachfront towns anywhere in this killer outfit. The striped button-front dress is gorgeous, and the light pink color is both elegant and powerful. Nuria Rose manages to make it pop even more with the gem-buckled black belt. She completes the look with a large broad rimmed hat and pale strappy wedged sandals. The addition of oversized sunglasses only further helps to emphasize the high fashion diva-esque quality of this outfit. 

You can adapt this look for yourself by playing with the color of the dress. We feel that blue and beige would also work well here, as would yellow stripes if you're feeling extra bold. And if you're looking to take this look out and about, you'll need a handbag. We recommend going with a large leather tote because it'll complement the other bold features in this look. 

Leather Jacket with Floral Blouse and Gladiator Sandals

We love a good brown leather jacket, especially when it's paired with something a bit unexpected-- like a floral blouse! The lightly distressed skinny jeans are pretty standard, but we like how she chose a fairly simple pair in order to make the other features of this outfit stand out. Nuria Rose completes this look with a beige pair of gladiator sandals. On their own these sandals might not stand out too much, but paired up against the blue of the denim, they really are one of the more eye-catching parts of this ensemble. 

This look is both feminine and kickass, and we're definitely going to incorporate it into our own closets! We see more than a few different shades of florals working here for the top, and a pair of booties or close toe, rounded pumps would also work for the shoes. Thanks to the diverse roundup of items here, very little accessories, if any, are needed (maybe except for an awesome pair of sunglasses). 

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