Melody Rosa is Fighting Normal in NYC
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Melody Rosa is Fighting Normal in NYC

"Normal Doesn't Live Here" - At least that's what it says on Melody Rosa's fashion blog, She is Melrose. This New York City influencer and self-described fashion junkie (and clothes hoarder!) is all about going big and bold with style. Not only is Rosa always telling her story through fashion, but she's constantly pushing the limits and creating new looks with multiple bold statement pieces. 

Unlike many who try to go down this path, Rosa really knows what she's doing. She studied for a career in fashion at New York's Laboratory Institute of Merchandising, and needless to say she knows the ins and outs of the business. That said, its clear from her instagram page (@sheismelrose) that she doesn't always play by the rules. From pairing dramatic makeup with casual sport wear to blending ultra sexy with super chic, Melody Rosa is one to follow for everyone looking to stay ahead of the game.

We definitely recommend browsing through her looks (they're awesome!), but we've gone ahead and pulled a few of our favorites here. The great thing about these particular ones is that they can be adopted for everyday wear!

Black Dress with Leopard Print Leggings and Black Boots

This is the exact kind of bold style that many long to pull off but don't dare to try. Well, Rosa did, and it works! This look is essentially three statement pieces put together-- a long, flowy black shirt dress (with an open front), leopard print leggings and chunky black boots (think block heel). 

Rosa completes this look with a funky-chic double bun hairdo, but we see a wide variety of hairstyles working wonders here. For those who want to really mix it up, try opting for another bold print legging instead of leopard.

Athletic Sweater with Red Sneakers and Statement Necklace

At a glance it is beautifully simple. Upon closer inspection, this look actually has a lot going on, which makes us love it even more! Once again, Rosa has competing statement pieces here, from her athletic sweater to her long, metallic leaf statement necklace to rocking those low top red sneakers on the bottom. She adds further drama with heavy, dark makeup. It's one of Rosa's more casual looks overall, but we love how it's still high fashion for everyday wear. Her high bun lets the clothing speak for itself and not get overshadowed. 

Make this look your own with your favorite statement necklace and makeup colors of choice!

Fluffy Jacket with High Socks and Booties

We seriously could not love this look any more! It's perfect for a night out, and the fluffy jacket is obviously the most eye-catching piece here. Still, we love how Rosa didn't stop there. Her paint-splashed red booties are definitely a source of envy, and she accentuates both them and the jacket with the simple choice of bare legs and high socks. On the top, she's rocking big earrings and full, loose hair. 

Interested in some options for making this look your own? We also see this look working well with some dark leggings. And for those looking for more versatility, opt for a fur/faux fur vest over a solid-color long-sleeved shirt instead of a full jacket. And while we always love a good pair of booties with some high scosks, you can definitely rock this with some high boots on their own instead.

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