Keeping it Fresh; Keeping it Fabulous: Ohn Mintyfresh
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Keeping it Fresh; Keeping it Fabulous: Ohn Mintyfresh

A self-proclaimed bi-coastal jet-setting ninja, Ohn Mintyfresh dazzles her more than 23k followers with trend-setting outfit ideas and fabulous finds from around the world. Not one to stay firmly rooted in the real world, Ohn occasionally takes flights of fancy – her followers are invited, of course – where her fantasies play out in the digital world. Ride along with Ohn as she accepts flowers from Ryan Gosling – not really, of course – and lives her best life, complete with high-rise luxury condos and designer dresses. If you’re all about fashion and playing out your fantasies in real life, follow Ohn on her blog and IG.

The Mintyfresh Style: Unabashed Glamor

Resplendent with glamor and old-world intrigue, Ohn’s personal style embraces color, patterns and bold statements. She has a thing for wraps and thigh-high boots. What’s more, you never know what to expect from her. One day she may be saying hello to you in a shimmering, see-through gold dress on the beach. Another might have her traipsing through the woods and rock climbing in jean shorts and a silk floral wrap. You just never know!

Glorious Snakeskin

Striking and evocative, this Ohn compilation features a vibrant, yellow leather mini dress paired with a cool pair of knee-high snakeskin boots. Ohn, finishes off the look with a few bangle bracelets and a dainty black leather clutch.

To get this look at home, you have two options: go all out bold or tame it down a bit. If you’re daring, try a yellow, form-fitted mini dress on for size. If you’re a bit timid, you can always select a leather dress in a muted color. However, you have to keep the skirt short and the boots long for this outfit to work.

Old-World Glamor

Pulling inspiration from decades past, Ohn layers a slinky, fringed sleeveless dress with an animal print, faux fur coat to pay homage to old-world beauty. Delicate strapped sandals and an embellished box clutch tie it all together.

The moral? Dig deep into your closet. Don’t be afraid to combine seasonal pieces that you might not otherwise put together. By donning a heavy coat, Ohn is able to infuse life and practicality into pieces that might be reserved for warmer weather.

Urban Hottie

Rebellious and bold, Ohn creates this urban bad-girl look with a snug black leather mini and distressed black jeans jacket. Casual accessories, like rope bracelets, complete the look and give it that added edge it needed.

This ensemble is perfect for any night on the town. To get this look at home, don a leather mini and use a denim jacket as a cover up. In addition to keeping it monotone like Ohn does here, you can play with color or go with blue denim jacket. Mix things up and play with your fashion choices!

There’s no denying that Ohn loves to step out of her comfort zone and take on a new persona in each photoshoot, which is exactly what sets her apart from the rest. Whether you’re feeling a bit casual and rugged or bourgeois and untouchable, you can find an aspirational, drippin’ outfit on Ohn’s IG. Be sure to follow her!

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