Jyo Shankar: Beach, Please
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Jyo Shankar: Beach, Please

Summertime. The days get longer, hair gets lighter and longer and getting dressed becomes so much more fun. The breezy air smells like tropical coconut and freshly cut grass, the food switches from hot apple cider with whipped cream to frosty ice cream with colorful sprinkles. For some girls, the change in the weather is fun. They appreciate the challenge of putting together new outfits each season and are constantly thinking of what’s next. Then there are some girls who were never meant for anything colder than 75 degrees. They believe that feet are for sand, not boots. Long walks are taken at beaches, dinner is served outdoors, and dresses should never have sleeves. They’re the girls of summer, living young, carefree and with saltwater styling their hair. Jyo Shankar is a total beach girl and we’re obsessing over her style.

San Franciso native, Jyo Shankar is a “sucker for cute outfits, warm beaches and all things tropical.” Her website www.jyoshankar.com (formerly Cuppajyo) and Instagram @jyo_shankar is where she shares her fantastical adventures, awesome style and all things beauty. “I live my life one outfit at a time and aspire to travel the world one beach at a time!” It’s safe to say that Jyo is living up to her aspirations. 

With a curated Instagram page full of exotic beach locations and adorable summery outfits, you can almost smell the sunscreen. It’s a place you go to feel the sunshine tanning your skin, to plan your summer wardrobe and, if you’re scrolling at work, to escape on a tropical getaway without ever leaving your office. Jyo Shankar has us saying, “beach, please!”

Feminine Festival

Even if you’re not hanging out in the desert for days without running water and electricity, you can still feel cute in festival clothes. No, not the “what are you thinking” outfits that truly make you question some people and their ability to make choices. We’re talking the cute hats, big round sunnies, short shorts and long cardigans. 

Jyo Shankar put together the ultimate festival look that will keep you cool and looking hot all summer long. Her high waisted, light wash denim shorts are cuffed at the bottom and are perfect for high temperatures. They’re paired with a white shirred corset top and that’s enough to make a cute outfit. But for a little added flair, Jyo put on a sheer white cardigan with cap sleeves and a big floppy hat. As for jewelry, she kept it light with a choker and bracelet. It’s festival and feminine at the same time!

Oh, Acai

Even beach towns have their seasons. While the winter temperatures may not reach below 60 degrees, add a breeze and suddenly you’re pulling your sweater tighter around your body. When days are not quite cold but not actually warm or the clouds are lingering just a little too long, shorts help you stay cute while a cardigan keeps you warm. If it’s hot outside but you’re headed indoors to eat, the air conditioning will make you wish you wore something slightly less revealing. That’s another great time to utilize the shorts/cardigan outfit. 

Jyo wore an easy, lowcut brown top patterned with white polka dots and adorned with a bow. She paired it with light blue frayed denim shorts and a lightweight white cardigan. Jyo layered sweet gold necklaces and completed her look with a delicious acai bowl.

Oh, The Places You’ll Go

Even though life in the sand is all casual all of the time, there are still places to go and people to see. Dressing up in a beach town isn’t quite the same as in the city. For one, leather jackets will melt. Another reason? stilettos are pretty useless on the boardwalk. Jyo found the perfect balance of fun, flirty and “dressed.” 

She wore a sunshine yellow wrap dress with shirring at the skirt and forearm. The dress is patterned with small white flowers and finished with a ruffle for an added flair. A white crossbody bag and large hoop earrings rounded out the outfit while a pair of white laser-cut leather slides added an element of comfort and fashion.

Warm weather is what dreams are made of. While some girls dream of palm trees, pina coladas and a good book, other girls live the dream. Jyo Shankar shares her dream life and looks amazing doing it!

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