Jamie Rae of Raelyn's Roulette – Keeping It Country
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Jamie Rae of Raelyn's Roulette – Keeping It Country

Jamie Rae, fashionista of IG fame, prides herself on connecting women with fabulous fashion finds and beauty products that really work. You can find her on IG under Raelyn’s Roulette and also check out her blog too. Jamie’s page is all about keeping it real and elevating women to the lifestyle and life they dream of with each beautiful discovery she makes.

Jamie’s look is real, wholesome, flirtatious and country. She blends a lot of denim and lace for an irresistible style that appeals to a large swath of women who want to feel confident and look beautiful. Her style is far from flashy and flamboyant; rather, it is pure, simple and absolutely stunning. You could say it’s aspirational.

 If you aspire to the effortless beauty showcased on Raelyn’s Roulette, follow her on IG and check out the following:

Ethereal Beauty

Surrounded by all of nature’s generous beauty, Jamie models a beige floral dress with a delicate tulle overlay. The white floral applique is set off by a woven belt. The simplistic beauty of this dress makes it a timeless classic.

To achieve this look, choose a neutral-colored dress with a delicate floral pattern in white or off-white. If you crave a little color, a blush-colored dress with a subtle gold applique will do the trick.

Cool Sophisticate

Jamie flaunts her cool, sophisticated side in this marvelous ensemble. For this look, she layered a simple, ruffled dress with black tights, suede thigh-high boots and a black jacket. The real magic of this look, though, are the perfectly selected accessories. Love the scarf! It really ties everything together.

Unapologetic layers are the key to this look. Start with your fave dress and add pieces and accessories to your heart’s content.

Confident Country

Beautiful and confident, Jamie’s curves fill out these overalls perfectly. To soften the look, she chose a top with wide, ruffled sleeves, which allows just a bit of lace to peek out. Accessories include a collection of beaded bangles and a casual suede bag.

You can make rugged denim look soft and feminine with the right touches. If you’ve never experimented with overalls, now is a great time. Go ahead, see how many riveting combinations you can create with a new pair of overalls and what’s already in your closet.

If you’re hooked on Jamie’s style, check out her IG page: raelynsroulette.

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