Jacy Lenore Wants Every Woman to Look and Feel Their Best
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Jacy Lenore Wants Every Woman to Look and Feel Their Best

Jacy Lenore is on a mission.

Sure, this Missouri fashionista is truly passionate about the fashion world, and her regularly uploaded outfits have gained her thousands of instagram followers (check her out at @jacylenore). That said, her website and blog, JacyLenore.com, is dedicated to not just fashion but wellness and beauty in all aspects of life. Her stated mission is "to inspire everyday wellness, beauty and style that are attainable to the everygirl, regardless of where you live or what you do for a living."

So in other words, Jacy Lenore is quickly becoming one of our new favorites! She has a distinctive breezy, summer-colored wardrobe that is both Bohemian and modern, fashion forward and classic. Her outfits are an alternating blend of separates and full singular pieces (she's definitely into jumpsuits). 

Check out Jacy Lenore's website and social media for the full spectrum of her colorful, lively looks for the everygirl, or keep reading here for some of our favorites!

Yellow Strappy Jumpsuit with White Platform Sandals and Wide Brimmed Hat

This fun yellow jumpsuit could really be from any time period in the last fifty years. It's practically timeless, and she definitely pulls it off today! Jacy Lenore adds to the summer appeal of this outfit by adding a wide brimmed hat and white platform sandals. She completes the outfit with a simple silver necklace and handbag made out of netting. 

This look can be pulled off with just about any brightly colored jumpsuit, and you can play around with different sandal styles as well (check out all the best sandal brands). If you're looking to dress it up or add more pops of color, you can always amp up the jewelry!

White Peasant Top with Accessory Scarf and Jeans

One look at this top and we want it for our own! The crisp white color really highlights the lace-inspired cutout detailing, and we love how she kept the rest of the outfit simple in order to not overshadow it. The denim jeans are an obvious good choice for this shirt, but we're pleasantly surprised by the light print scarf tied elegantly around her hair. She completes the look with a simple necklace and earrings.  

You can make this look yours by opting for your own favorite white blouse and subtle jewelry. We feel that the hair scarf is where you can really express yourself though. Don't be afraid to go even bolder on the color than Jacy Lenore; this look is set up for that! 

Light Orange Top with Distressed Light Wash Jeans

This is another great top! The light orange color is fitting for both warm weather and fall. The 3/4 long sleeves are both elegant and semi-casual, and we love how relaxed Jacy Lenore appears in it. She rounds it off with light wash distressed jeans and a pair of classic hoop earrings and a simple necklace. Other earring styles could work here too, but we feel like the hoops express the same elegant-casual feelings as the jeans and the top. 

She's barefoot here, but you can rock a pair of brown leather sandals or slip ons with this outfit. You can also play around with the colors and exact style of the top. After all, this look is all about being comfortable with yourself! 

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