Inna Bose is Bringing Sustainable Fashion To You
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Inna Bose is Bringing Sustainable Fashion To You

Traveling fashion blogger and influencer Inna Bose has one mission— making sustainable, eco-friendly outfits the norm. This chic fashionista is frequently seen sporting sleek looks in cities around the world, her go-to items being neutral tones and breathable fabrics.

Just take a look at her website, Inna Bose. With the slogan, "Chaos in the Daily Routine", it's filled with style and beauty tips along with plenty of useful information on how to contribute to a more sustainable fashion world. And whether it's the addition of an unexpected accessory or an impromptu photo shoot in an exciting new city, Bose certainly knows how to break up standard, everyday fashion routines!

You can see it all of Bose's looks on her instagram, @innabose. For a preview, check out some of her best looks that we've gone ahead and pulled here:

Light Brown Pantsuit, Tucked Shirt and Crossbody Bag

Bose looks downright fierce in this outfit and appears ready for all kinds of daytime activities. Whether she's handling a business meeting or just exploring a new city, Bose's pantsuit is flowy yet professional. Her brown shirt is only a few shades lighter than the suit, and even though it's a tee it's tucked in for a sleek appearance. You can get a similar look with a beige suit. We also see a pale pink or yellow tee working here. 

Bose adds extra contrast to this look with the additions of a high, sleek bun and more casual, high heel sandals. You can dress this look up a bit by going with close-toe pumps, or make it even breezier with wedged sandals. Stick with the crossbody bag, or go dressier with a small clutch

Striped Jumpsuit with Denim Jacket and Booties

This is definitely a look we'd like to incorporate into our own lineup of day clothes for the summer. Here, Bose looks like she's ready to go exploring a city all day in her striped jumpsuit with pants that cut off just below the knee. A denim jacket is draped over her shoulders, giving this clothing item a flare of elegance it's not normally accustomed to. 

Of course, it's hard not to notice one of the most eye-catching pieces of all in this outfit-- Bose's stunning black booties! The faded colors of the outfit helps these to really pop, as do the short pants. 

She finishes the look off with a black broad rimmed hat and contrasting white crossbody bag. You can of course feel free to change up the colors to make this outfit your own. A jumpsuit with full-length pants would also work well here, as would some heeled sandals. 

High Waisted Button-Down Skirt with Checkered Blouse

There's something romantic about this daytime look, and it stuns with elements of both modern and classic style. The long, high waisted button-down skirt is the main feature here, and it seems to accentuate Bose's height. Rivaling it though is the dreamy, button down light checkered blouse that's tucked into the top of the skirt. These two pieces are great on their own, but Bose takes things to new levels with the additions of a broad rimmed woven hat and peep-toe nude heels. Perfection!

There's nothing we'd change about this look if given the choice. That said, you can play around with the colors here to make this look your own, and we see flats working beautifully here for a more casual spin on the outfit. 

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