Gabriela Vera's Style is Inspired by Modern Motherhood
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Gabriela Vera's Style is Inspired by Modern Motherhood

Gabriela Vera is a 30-something fashionista who actually launched her eponymous style, beauty and life commentary blog, Gabriela Vera, while she was on maternity leave. Proving that there's no time like the present to follow your dreams, she found herself really inspired by the modern motherhood, the fashion world and other style bloggers, so she launched a blog of her own as a creative outlet.

It's now her job, so pay Vera's website a visit for daily outfits, beauty tips and travel adventures! We're of course especially excited about Vera's outfits, which are a true representation of today's moms and how great style knows no limitations. Flattering sweaters and cute skirts are her winter go-tos, and warmer weather sees Vera in plenty of crop tops, light fabrics and a fair share of denim. We've gone ahead and pulled a few of her looks here, but go ahead and check out her instagram (@gstylediaries) for more!

Asymmetric Button-down Yellow Dress

How awesome is this yellow midi dress? It's a class button-down style, but it's given a modern twist with an asymmetric front. It's so eye-catching on its own that it needs no belt, hat, sweater or other significant add-ons, but at the same time we love how simple this outfit really is. The look very much IS the dress alone. 

Notice how she adds subtle extra dimension to the look with a simple silver necklace, a pair of oversized sunglasses and a pair of brown flat sandals. If you're adapting this look for yourself though, you could easily get away with heeled or wedged sandals from one of the top sandal brands

Another thing to take away from this outfit is that sometimes simple outfits call for big and bold accessories. Here, Vera paired this dress with a large designer tote!

Denim Jacket and Jeans with White Front-tie Bandeau

Vera makes denim even more cool-casual with this outfit! The main eye-catching feature here is obviously the white bandeau top with its long front tie. It's edgy, yet beautiful. And paired with the denim jacket and coordinating jeans, it's actually a very classy casual look. 

Vera doesn't accessorize this look much, and she doesn't need to. The simple gold necklace that she chose does not draw away from the tie front of the top, but it does fill in the space between the top and her neck (not necessary, but it works here). 

Even so, if don't want to show as much skin but still want to wear an outfit like this, you can swap out the bandeau for a longer crop top or even a cami with a deep plunge neck. And as much as we love how fresh the white looks here, you can also play around with the colors to better make this look your own.

Dark Floral Dress with Black Thigh-high Boots and Broad Rimmed Hat

Again, Vera shows us that there's power in simplicity. This look has just three main pieces, and they all work well together to create one stunning outfit! It's so balanced, that the whol look is the focal point rather than just one part. 

The dark floral mini dress would be cute on its own, but paired with those black thigh-high boots it's transformed into a powerful look that's still tons of fun! Vera looks like she's ready for anything the day has in store. She finishes the look off with a broad rimmed hat, adding balanced and a bit of dimension to the top of the look. 

You can switch up the colors here when adapting this look for yourself, but remember that the key takeaways here are balance and simplicity. Don't over-accessorize, and go with color shades that complement one another.

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