Christine Comer is Our Favorite New York Fashion Teacher
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Christine Comer is Our Favorite New York Fashion Teacher

Let's get real for a moment-- many of us love high-end styles, but we just can't wear it all the time. For fashion blogger, instagram influencer Christine Comer, that's exactly the point. She's always on the go as a schoolteacher and a mom, and her looks are the perfect balance of high-class, fashion forward trends and, perhaps most importantly, function.

Achieving the right balance of earth tones and bright colors is Comer's signature, her looks always managing to pop without being overwhelming. Her go-to pieces are blazers, jean and leather jackets, graphic tees and bright print skirts. It's hard not to feel some fashion envy while browsing through her colorful array of looks, but the good news is that they're fairly easy to use as inspiration for everyday wear!

To learn more about Christine, head on over to her website, For the full experience of her wardrobe, check out her instagram (@thelittlegoldmix). In the meantime, we've pulled a couple of Christine Comer's best out-and-about looks for you to use as inspiration!

Blazer, Bright Skirt and Graphic Tee

There's both classic and modern style elements here, and it's incredibly chic while also being very casual. The main pieces worn by Comer here are an oversized pinstripe blazer, graphic tee and bright orange high-waisted mini skirt. The sunglasses and coordinating handbag are great additions that scream "I'm ready for anything!" She's wearing her hair down and flowing, but we also feel like a chic high pony would work well here. 

Still, one of our favorite things about this look is that she's wearing glittery sneakers with it. These shoes are the perfect choice because they're a dressed-up form of casual, making this look wearable in a wide variety of situations. To tweak this look for yourself, grab your favorite graphic tee and blazer color of your choice (pinstripes optional). Tuck the tee in a high-waisted solid color skirt and throw in some statement jewelry if you like. If you'd like to dress it up a bit more, opt for heels or booties instead of sneakers.

Jean Jacket with Green Sweater and Distressed Jeans

Jean jackets are fully back in vogue! Here, Comer embraces that with her own jean jacket thrown casually over her shoulders with a pair of dark distressed jeans. A bright green sweater that pops underneath the denim, and Comer completes the look with a pair of shiny loafers and a brown handbag. We also love how she accents it all with a large hair barette. With this look, she appears totally ready for anything the day may bring-- from lunch with friends to running errands all over town. Hey, maybe it's even a casual Friday at work! 

You can lighten this look up with a solid tank or T-shirt instead of a sweater (though the sweater's definitely the better option in colder weather). If you want to play around with it even further, try opting for a jean jacket that is the darker of the two denims. Bright flats would also work here if you don't want to go with loafers. And if hair barettes aren't your thing, try a headband or even a side braid to maintain a funky accent.

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