Carly A. Hill Brings Elegance to New York Street Style
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Carly A. Hill Brings Elegance to New York Street Style

Today's featured fashionista lives as stylishly as her outfits! Carly A. Hill is a Michigan girl living in New York City with a penchant for Broadway shows and travel. Hill describes herself as an "Influencer/social media manager by day, blogger by night", and one look at her eponymous blog, Carly A. Hill makes it clear she's a pro!

Though she spends her week days working on the social media campaigns of companies and brands, Hill spends her downtime expressing her own interests, such as fashion, through her blog and social accounts. Hill's outfits are centered around crisp whites, denim and elegant prints. However, she's also known to throw in occasional bold color-forward (like hot pink!) dresses and envy-worthy workout gear. Check out her instagram, @carlyahill, for her ever-expanding collection of looks! 

No matter where she's headed during the day or night, Hill's looks always have an elegance that's difficult to achieve with everyday street wear fashion. We've gone ahead and pulled a few of our favorite Hill outfits here as example!

Denim Jacket with Striped Midi Dress and White Sneakers

Okay, how awesome is this striped midi dress? The bottom flare gives it extra movement. The differing shades of blue stripes also gives it an intriguing pattern that is not overwhelming.

The dress would do well on its own as well as with a dressier pair of shoes for more formal occasions, but we love how Hill gave the look casual vibes with the white low-top sneakers and pale wash denim jacket. Notice how she didn't use any jewelry with this look except for a tiny pair of stud earrings, allowing the dress to be the full focus of this outfit.

You can easily make this look your own by going with a dress in a similar style, though the pattern and colors can be whatever speaks to you. Check out the hottest dress brands for inspiration. Just take a note from Hill and let the dress speak for itself with minimal, low-key accessories!

Striped Top with White Pants and Strappy Sandals

Once again, Hill demonstrates that she has both elegance and the savvy to highlight exactly the right pieces in her outfits. With this particular look, it's the two-toned shoes that stand out. These strappy mid-heel sandals feature dark brown leather and a light base, drawing the eye to them immediately when paired with lighter clothing. 

The white pants not only help the shoes stand out, but they serve as the perfect base for the top as well. This blue and white horizontal striped tank would be a great choice for any smart casual look like this one. Here it works particularly well because it has an appealing pattern, but one that does not get in the way of the attention on the shoes. 

You can make this look yours by incorporating the same basic elements but using colors of your choice. Hill does not use any jewelry here, but we see a light necklace or even an ankle bracelet working today.

Yellow Jumpsuit with Pointed Yellow Heels

This is another fairly simple look of Hill's consisting of just a jumpsuit and coordinating shoes. However, once again Hill knows that sometimes simplicity is key to keeping the look elegant and classy. The yellow jumpsuit is particularly striking with its long flowing pants and elegant sash, and the pale yellow, pointed-toe shoes only add to the look. Again, Hill veers away from the accessories.

You can choose a color other than yellow if you want, but try to keep the coordination going. If you do want to accessorize, simple pieces would do best. We also feel like an updo would work well here too if you don't want to keep your hair down.

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