Amelia Alvarez: Timeless Style Around The World
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Amelia Alvarez: Timeless Style Around The World

Blogger and actress Amelia Alvarez has a sense of style that transcends the trends. Sure, she knows how to wear a trend well, but she tends to go for flattering, feminine dresses and tailored pieces that will look great no matter what season it is. She loves prints, and knows how to mix them effortlessly. Although she always looks fashionable, she never looks overdone or like she's taking herself too seriously. On her blog, Clotheshorse, as well as the corresponding Instagram, she loves sharing her outfits and lifestyle content.

Outside of her life as a blogger, Amelia is an actress and writer. She is originally from Baltimore, Maryland, but moved to Los Angeles to pursue her career. She also writes, produces, and acts in a web series called There's a Special Place in Hell For Fashion Bloggers. She travels frequently, and shares her adventures around the world on her blog. Her blog has a fresh, simple style that's easy to read. Here are some of our favorite outfits that Amelia has shared.

This simple yet stylish outfit was perfect for Amelia's vacation to Mexico. Her long-sleeved white T-shirt is the perfect vacation basic, because it's lightweight and you can pair it with virtually anything. Her gingham shorts have a slightly preppy vibe, which is complemented by her white loafers. The loafers are comfy for walking around on vacation, but elevate the outfit for a dressier situation, like a sit-down meal.

I never felt like I fit in at blogger events and writing has always been my way of processing my feelings. Everyone feels insecure sometimes even your favorite fashion bloggers.

This classic look is perfect for a holiday dinner or any other winter celebration, like Amelia wore it here. A red midi dress is sophisticated yet bold, and this one has long sleeves, which makes it a bit more modest. It also will keep you from freezing outside if you live in an area where it gets very cold in the winter. Her leather jacket, however, adds a little more edge to the look. Black boots from one of the trendiest boot brands and a small black bag finish off the look, letting the red dress really steal the show.

Here, Amelia rocks the perfect downtown-cool outfit for a day out. Her graphic t-shirt and classic leather jacket look edgy, but with a relaxed touch that's not too overdone. However, her teal trousers make the look a little brighter and more fun, and also add some structure to the look. The juxtaposition of these three pieces together is what makes the outfit so effective. You can't see Amelia's shoes here, but this outfit would look great with some classic chelsea boots. 

Be sure to follow Clotheshorse as well as Amelia's Instagram for more fashion inspiration, and to keep up with her web series. 

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