According to Naty: The World is Loud But Nathalia Ashba is Louder
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According to Naty: The World is Loud But Nathalia Ashba is Louder

Living is hard to do. Living in 2019 is well near impossible. There are voices hollering from everywhere, each one vying for a piece of your mind. Causes and campaigns to stand behind and rally for, people to open your wallets and your hearts for, everyone is fired up about something. And if you’re not letting someone else decide how you should spend your emotional energy, you’re surrounded by advertisements and photos. Colorful, provocative images and cleverly crafted commercials scream at you. They let you know why your life cannot possibly be any version of complete without the product they’re selling. Your Instagram feed is judging you. Those extravagant designer shoes, that poreless flawless complexion, the magical island vacation… you can’t hope to be enough without those. With so much around us dictating what we ought to be thinking, is there any room for us? It’s hard to think with our own mind; the world might be loud, but Nathalia Ashba lives her life louder.

While the constant cacophony might be relatively new for most, Nathalia Ashba is a seasoned professional when it comes to handling the chaos. She’s not a stranger to an intense lifestyle; in fact, she prefers it. The Italo-Columbian beauty strutted her stuff down a catwalk in Milan when she was just 12 years old. Once that spotlight found Naty, it never left her. Her Italian TV career was set off by her winning of the 2013 Miss Model of Europe title. After moving to the United States and settling in Las Vegas, Nevada, Naty met her husband, DJ Ashba. Ashba is famous for his talent and success in the music industry, with many noteworthy gigs like a stint as the Guns 'n Roses guitarist. After her move to Sin City, Naty channeled her success in the fashion, beauty and entertainment industries into her blog, “According to Naty.” Since starting her blog, Naty’s launched a sunglasses and t-shirt brand, created a fashion app, and won several awards.

Nathalia Ashba’s list of achievements is impressive and hard-earned. So is her life. Naty is confident that she deserves the best and is unafraid and unapologetic for it. She loves dressing up and going out but also wearing sweats and lying on the couch. She has badass tattoos and pretty shoes. Nathalia Ashba is not an oxymoron, she lives life on her own terms. She lives life According to Naty.

Naty’s Style

Naty doesn’t do anything halfway and it translates into her style. You’ll never catch her on Instagram looking kinda cute; whatever look she’s got on, Naty is rocking it. Sparkly princess gown in Paris? Nailed it! Sweats at the pool? Yup! Seriously, we want to be her, too.

Brown Beauty

Spring is when you break out the pastels, the brights, the soft florals! Naty says, “nope.” When we think spring, brown far down on the list of colors we’re thinking. But Naty doesn’t think like us and we’re thankful for that. And this outfit. She wore a muted tan trench coat, chocolate brown patent crocodile booties and a signature Chloe brown bag with gold hardware. Sounds meh, but the whole outfit comes together in the most fabulous of ways with the dress. Some reds and yellows peek through a flurry of white florals on her dress. A V cut out of the neckline, pleating at the waist and ruffled hemlines give the outfit a touch of flirty and a whole lot of style. Who says brown is boring?

Pink Parisienne

Naty knows the best accessory for tattooed arms is a spaghetti strap dress. The perfect combination of sweet and sassy, beautiful and bold, Nathalia’s photo at the Eiffel Tower is breathtaking. A dusty pink spaghetti strap dress is pleated and draped in all the right ways. Her tattoo sleeves and black necklace are the perfect edgy balancing components for this otherwise saccharine look. A burgundy floppy hat and nude Valentino Rockstud pumps make sure the outfit is highbrow enough for Paris but cool enough for Naty.

Subway Style

Naty’s always lived life in vivid color. Defying the norms set forth by society is her calling card. So when she hopped on a subway, you can bet it wasn’t in jeans and a t-shirt. If you’ve never gotten into full glam mode and stepped into a place only for the mundane, you should-the thrill is heady. Always doing things in full gear, Naty’s subway style did not disappoint. A ruffled mock neck sheer top adorned with sparkles was tucked into a pair of rust colored cropped leather pants. The rest of her ensemble was black and white, adding that sophisticated air. Black patent leather pumps from Dior with a white slingback proclaiming “J’ADIOR.” A white blazer with black buttons, black and white studded clutch and a black hat and sunglasses tied the whole look up with a pretty bow. Naty can definitely sit with us.

Naty’s Vlog

Instagram is great for sharing pretty photos and promoting a lifestyle. For some people, that’s enough but Nathalia Ashba just has too much personality to be reduced into squares. Naty's Vlog takes us behind the scenes, giving us her life, love and lots of giggles along the way.

Packing for NYFW

Naty knows she’s lucky and instead of taking on an “I’m better than you” attitude, she just wants to share. In this funny, real, goofy and glam video, Nathalia stresses out about packing for New York Fashion Week.

Beauty Favorites

“Because I basically share everything with you” is why Naty made this video. And although we’ve seen so many like it, this one is on our top 10 because of Naty (Btw did you see that ring girls?!?!?! - you could ice skate on that baby). Also, she shows us that no one is immune to the power of a good highlight. NO ONE.


A good outfit always looks better on a fit body, and even Naty’s doesn’t come for free. She filmed and shared a workout routine with us and even included some footage of her falling. Does that mean, dare we say it, she’s like us?!

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