A Courageous Beauty: Glam Style to Inspire
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A Courageous Beauty: Glam Style to Inspire

We don't usually feature the same fashion blogger twice. We use our Fashion Feature section to celebrate different blogs and unique styles––discovering new trends is what makes our magazine fun. However, some bloggers continue to inspire us beyond their first feature, so we decide to recognize them again! We appreciate blogger Shell for her daring style and inspiring confidence––be sure to check out her previous feature too!

It can sometimes be difficult to feel courageous and bold with your style, but blogger Shell wants to give her readers the confidence to try new things with their style, no matter what the trends say. She named her blog A Courageous Beauty to reflect this, and hopes to inspire readers to let their inner beauty shine through in whatever way makes them feel best. With her blog, she aims to create a community where women can interact and share their experiences too.

Shell's sense of style is very glamorous, with some sweet, girly touches. She loves dresses inspired by high fashion, and knows how to style pieces for maximum impact. Shell is based in DC, where she lives with her daughter, Bravely Belle. She frequently shares her favorite spots in DC on her Instagram, and has a thorough DC guide on her blog as well. She also shares her experiences as a mother, and maintaining her style while maintaining a family too. She is a devout Christian, and she enjoys sharing devotionals on a separate Instagram account, @acourageousyou, to inspire others who share her faith. Here are some of our favorite outfits that Shell has shared.

This outfit is the perfect real-life representation of the popular flamenco dancer emoji, and it would be perfect for a formal night out. A ruffled red maxi dress makes a bold statement anywhere you go. Ruffles are very trendy right now, and the tiers add lots of liveliness and movement to the look. Red heeled sandals complete the look and dress it up for a formal event.

I tend to wear things that either remind me of who I aspire to be, or choose outfits that direct the life I want to live. I believe that an outfit can change your perspective or your mood. I always tell people to dress for the life they want, not for the life they already have. Dressing for the future brings confidence and motivation. 

This simple look is a little bit street-style, a little bit sexy, and it's ideal for a hot summer day. Shell wears a classic little black dress, and while it has the same silhouette as a classic slip, it is much more structured, so it's comfortable to wear out. She wears sweet pink sneakers with the look, which are ideal for walking around during the day, and are an unexpected choice with the dress. Of course, oversized sunglasses are a must for a summer day.

This cute, classic look is perfect for those transitional times of year when you need to stay warm, but still want to look trendy. Shell's white sweater has a lace-up detail, which makes it more interesting and feminine than a plain sweater. She always finds the best boot brands, and these over-the-knee boots have a bold maroon color that's perfect for fall. A classic black shoulder bag is a must for when you're out and about. 

Be sure to follow Shell on her blog, A Courageous Beauty, as well as on her Instagram.

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