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7 Tips for Wearing Jumpsuits Like a Style Maven
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7 Tips for Wearing Jumpsuits Like a Style Maven

One of the most significant statement styles of the past few years happens to be jumpsuits. These head-to-toe, all-in-one garments offer a striking look that looks just as good for a formal occasion as it does for a day on the job or brunch with friends. Loved by celebrities like Heidi Klum, Mandy Moore, and Sandra Bullock, the jumpsuit works well for nearly any occasion. The trick – styling it properly. Choose the wrong accessories or the wrong fit and you can go from fashion maven to fashion faux pas. To help you wear this trend with confidence, we’ve put together some of the essential tips to wearing a jumpsuit like a style maven.

Tip #1 – Be Sure to Define Your Waist

Worried that you’ll look like a blob wearing a jumpsuit? One popular fashion blogger reminds you to be sure you define your waist in some way when wearing a jumpsuit. Choose a jumpsuit with an elastic waistband or a belted jumpsuit. Define your waist with a pretty sash or a belt. This ensures your jumpsuit gives you a flattering silhouette.

Tip #2 – Choose a Fabric Appropriate for the Occasion

The material you choose for your jumpsuit will play a big part in the overall look. The Budget Fashionista notes that silk jumpsuit is a perfect choice if you’re heading to an elegant party, as is a feminine lace jumpsuit. If you’re wearing a jumpsuit to a Saturday morning brunch or out shopping with friends, go with a material that offers a relaxed vibe. Cotton and denim jumpsuits both make great low-key options.

Tip #3 – Elongate with a Pair of Heels

Wearing a pair of heels is a must when you’re wearing a jumpsuit – notice the sky-high black pumps Emma Watson added to her formal black jumpsuit. They help elongate your silhouette and keep you from looking wide and short. A pair of great pumps can also transform your look into one that’s dressy enough for a date night or party.

Tip #4 – Break Up Blocks of Color

Cosmo suggests that you break up solid black jumpsuits, blue jumpsuits, or those in other solid colors. This adds more visual interest to your outfit. A lightweight jacket worn open or on your shoulders breaks up the color and elongates your body. A crossbody bag worn to the front can also break up a solid block of color and add visual interest.

Tip #5 – Pay Attention to the Little Details

When choosing a jumpsuit, consider the little details that will show off your best features. Details like v-necklines, self-tie belts, and cap sleeves can let you show off your favorite assets so the jumpsuit works with your figure. A fitted bustier, like the one on Zoe Saldana’s jumpsuit, allows you to show off a slim waist and toned shoulders. Sheer inserts can also add interest and add the illusion of curves.

Tip #6 – Ensure You Have the Perfect Fit

One of the most important things to consider when purchasing a jumpsuit is the fit. A jumpsuit that’s too tight is going to leave you looking like Catwoman. On the other hand, something that’s too loose is going to overwhelm your body, hide your figure, and look sloppy. Draped jumpsuits with a cut that fits your figure perfectly offer the most elegant, put together look. Choose tailored styles from top brands like Stella McCartney, MICHAEL Michael Kors, and Calvin Klein.

Tip #7 – Choose the Right Jewelry

While a jumpsuit is already a statement style, it can look a bit plain if you don’t add some bold accessories. Solid colors can particularly lose the wow-factor if you don’t add some dimension to your look with the right jewelry. According to The Trend Spotter, large pendant earrings, a chunky necklace, and other bold jewelry styles all look great with solid, formal jumpsuit styles. If you’re wearing a casual romper, jewelry that adds a bright pop of color can add a little fun.

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