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7 Shorts Fashion Faux Pas and How to Avoid Them
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7 Shorts Fashion Faux Pas and How to Avoid Them

Shorts are cute and cool. They’re the perfect wardrobe essential for spring and summer. After all, they look great with nearly anything. The problem – shorts come with the potential to cause a few issues, too. They can ride up, they can start looking wrinkled quickly, or you suddenly realize you’re showing off a bit more than you intended to. And then, there’s the thigh chafing that can drive you crazy. 

Don’t give up on wearing this warm weather favorite. We’ve put together some of the most common shorts problems, and some solutions for avoiding them.

Problem #1 – Suddenly Your Shorts are Showing More Than You’d Like

Luckily, you probably don’t have paparazzi following you around to capture when your shorts suddenly show a bit much (like Iggy Azalea and other stars), but it’s still a problem when your shorts start showing more than you’d like. The last thing you want is a cheek popping out while you’re out shopping. 

How do you avoid this problem? One option is to choose longer shorts. You can buy your shorts a size up and then have them tailored for a better fit in the waist.

Problem #2 – Your Shorts are Constantly Riding Up

It’s embarrassing when your shorts are constantly riding up. And it definitely doesn’t look good if you’re tugging at your shorts all day long. When you’re moving around all day, shorts tend to ride up a bit. If this is a constant problem for you, consider flowing shorts or looser styles like boyfriend shorts so you’re tugging and pulling at them.

Problem #3 – They Start Looking Wrinkled Fast

You start out the day, and you look great. Then, once you sit down for a few minutes, the front of your shorts ends up looking wrinkled fast. The last thing you want is to look wrinkled all day long. 

The solution to this is to go with shorts in thicker fabrics like denim or tweed. You’ll notice that a lot of celebrities like Gigi Hadid like to rock denim shorts because they just don’t wrinkle like lighter materials. Textured materials like lace and shorts with bold patterns can also help hide wrinkles.

Problem #4 – Your Shirt is Longer Than Your Shorts

Although it may have been a popular look in the 1980s, Cosmo notes that wearing a shirt longer than your shorts can end up making you look like you’re not wearing any pants. While it might be fine for hanging around your house, it’s probably a look you want to avoid. 

You can still pair longer button-down shirts or blazers with your short shorts. Just keep them at the same length as your shorts or higher so you don’t look like you’re going pants-less.

Problem #5 – They Start Sagging by the End of Your Day

Some shorts can start sagging by the end of your day. Who likes constantly pulling up their pants all day? There’s a simple solution. Buy shorts made with stretchy materials. They’ll hold their shape so your shorts aren’t sagging in the butt after a few hours.

Problem #6 – Dealing with Muffin Top

It doesn’t matter your size, shorts can leave you with the dreaded muffin top, especially if they’re too tight in the waist. Avoid wearing shorts that are too small. But an even better way to avoid muffin top is to choose high waisted shorts. They prevent muffin top, and they’re so on trend with celebrities like Taylor Swift.

Problem #7 – You Can’t Stand the Thigh Chafing

Any outfit that leaves you with bare legs can result in thigh chafing, and it burns! Don’t let this problem keep you from wearing shorts. Cosmopolitan recommends going with long shorts can help you prevent chafing. You can also find a lot of anti-chafing products to wear on your thighs to minimize friction and irritation. They’re so worth the investment during shorts season.

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