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5 Top Women’s Watch Styles and How to Wear Them
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5 Top Women’s Watch Styles and How to Wear Them

Style is a lot more than just the clothing you choose — your accessories matter, too. While you don’t have to wear a watch to be on-trend these days, watches are a beautiful piece of jewelry that can add class to your look while keeping you on time throughout the day. Of course, finding the right watch is tricky. Choose a great one, and you’ll wear it again and again, but the wrong one will end up stashed in a drawer somewhere, never to be seen again. Whether you want a classic, timeless look, or you’re going for something that’s casual-chic, here are five of the top styles in women’s watches and some essential tips for wearing them.

1 – Leather Watches

Leather watches feature leather bands and faces in many different materials. While some look edgy and sport, others are elegant, so you have many options to choose from. A great leather watch is a perfect choice to complement your work wardrobe. A dainty face with a leather band looks lovely with feminine skirts and dresses, while a larger watch face and thicker band can add a modern touch to any outfit.

You can even take a page from Kim Kardashian’s style and wear a bold, bright leather watch that stands outs no matter what you’re wearing. Just tone down your other jewelry to let your watch take center stage if you choose something bold like a red leather watch.

2 – Smart Watches

Although smart watches were once associated with a sporty, casual look, brands like Movado, Emporio Armani, and Michael Kors are taking smart watches to the next fashion level. In fact, according to Travel and Leisure, as companies work to add style to function in their smart watches, Apple collaborated with Hermes — a French luxury house — to create a trendy set of Apple Watch bands. In fact, some of them are elegant enough to wear to a formal event (like Shonda Rhimes did). 

Of course, the smart watch you choose will depend on how you plan on using it. If you’re looking for a smart watch for hiking, running, and keeping track of other types of fitness, you’ll want an outdoor style. According to Popular Science, they’re larger, more rugged, and they focus more on activity tracking and navigation. In short — they’re not quite as stylish as some of the other smart watch options.

3 – Bracelet Watches

If you love more of a jewelry look than a utilitarian look from your watch, bracelet watches are a perfect choice. And if you love understated elegance, designers like Kate Spade New York, Gucci, and Versus Versace all have some gorgeous bracelet styles. Bracelet watches are a perfect choice for date night, they look great with your work wardrobe, and they can be an unexpected addition to a casual outfit like jeans and a leather jacket that elevates the look, making it ready for a night on the town.

Bracelet watches can be worn alone as a piece of jewelry, or Harper’s Bazaar suggests pairing a slimmer, ladylike watch with a lot of pretty bracelets. Wearing a suit to work? Choose a chunkier bracelet watch and wear a couple of chunky bracelets on your opposite wrist, too.

4 – Gold Watches

Celebrities like Rihanna, Ashley Tisdale, and Sofia Vergara are all fans of gold watches, and gold offers a sophisticated touch to any outfit in your closet. If you have a formal event to attend, a gold watch is an excellent choice and looks lovely with long, formal dresses. Pair it with a black dress for a stunning look — just make sure you keep the rest of your jewelry gold, too. 

One of the most on-trend choices in gold watches is the rose gold watch. It’s a more understated, feminine option that looks just as good with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt (check out Miley Cyrus’ laid-back look) as it does with a floor-length dress or a dressy jumpsuit.

5 – Silver Watches

Silver watches and white gold watches are extremely versatile styles that you’ll wear again and again because they go with everything. Loved by stars like Kerry Washington and Allesandra Ambrosio, depending on the design you choose, silver watches can take you from day to night. 

For a great date night look, add a slim, feminine silver watch to a bold red dress or let it shine with your favorite LBD. Try a square or rectangular face watch in silver with a tailored blazer and trousers for work. Or combine one with a couple of bracelets, a maxi skirt, and a crop top for a laid-back, boho look that’s perfect for summer.

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