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Joe Fresh Women's 2 Pack Boot Socks, Navy (Size 9-11)

Joe Fresh Women's 2 Pack Boot Socks, Navy (Size 9-11)

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FitFlop Rita

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FitFlop Superchelsea

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FitFlop Maria

Boots - Styles, Colors, and Designs for Every Occasion

About Boots

With the right pair of boots, any season is boot season! And with so many different styles, colors, and details, finding the perfect boots to go with any outfit is a breeze. Whether you’re planning a weekend camping trip or headed to a cocktail party, you can find boots that will fit the occasion. Ankle boots go well with a spring dress, tall boots look great over skinny jeans, and if you need something to brave the elements, winter boots will have you covered. Our boot selection is expansive, so when you want both style and function from your footwear from top brands – we’ve got you covered.  
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With the right pair of boots, any season is boot season! And with so many different styles, colors, and details, finding the perfect boots to go with any outfit is a breeze. Whether you’re planning a weekend camping trip or headed to a cocktail party, you can find boots that will fit the occasion. 

Ankle boots go well with a spring dress, tall boots look great over skinny jeans, and if you need something to brave the elements, winter boots will have you covered. Our boot selection is expansive, so when you want both style and function from your footwear from top brands – we’ve got you covered.  


The earliest boots were a combination of separate soles, uppers, and leggings that were worn together to offer better protection to the ankles than sandals or shoes could. Later, somewhere around 1,000 BC, the three components were joined together creating a single piece of footwear. 

Historians believe that the first actual definition of the boot was written by the Duke of Wales during the Hundred Years’ War when he spoke of a type of footwear that hadn’t been seen before with “high scuppers and ye nailes on the souyle.” 

Through the years, European boots would be influenced by various military styles, and later the distinctive boots worn by Hessians in the American Revolutionary War would have a big influence on the American development of heeled cowboy boots that became such a bit hit in the American West. 

During the beginning of the 20thcentury, boots declined in popularity, though they’d race back onto the scene as motorcycle boots took off, inspired by films like Rebel Without a Causeand The Wild One. After 1960, women’s boots exploded with the emergence of Go-Go boots, and then later in the ‘70s, unisex styles like cowboy boots, zip-up platform boots, and chukka boots. 

Boot Styles

With so many exciting options to choose from, we have boots that will fit with any woman’s sense of style. We’ve put together a look at some of the best boot styles you’ll want to add to your closet, as well as some tips for styling them so you look your best. 

Booties (Ankle Boots)

Booties are ankle boots that come to or right above the ankle, and there are so many fun ones out there that you can wear: flat, laced, wedge, heel, and more. For the past few years, booties have been on-trend, and they really look great with nearly everything if you style them correctly

Tuck your skinnies or leggings into the ankle boots for a long, lean look. Wear them with cuffed or rolled jeans to show off a little ankle. You can even pair them with a dress, but it’s best to go with an above-the-knee hemline so you keep the leg line long.  

Over the Knee

Over the knee boots are always popular, particularly during the fall and winter. While it’s easy to feel that ultra-tall boots are daunting, with the right height, the right heel, and the perfect styling tips, they’ll look great and be a great investment. 

Wondering how to wear them to look your best? Try wearing them with a sweater dress in the same color for a flattering, monochromatic look. Turn a summer romper into a fall piece by adding your favorite over the knee boots (black is a great color). The even look great over skinny jeans and leggings.  

Western (Cowgirl) Boots

Western boots were big back in the 1990s, and they’re becoming popular again. Within the last couple of years, Cowboy boots have had a high-fashion makeover thanks to big brands like Fendi and Calvin Klein. A good pair of western boots is a great addition to your wardrobe, and they look great with so many outfits. Add them to a pair of jeans, wear them with a summer dress to add some edge, or add them to your favorite skirt and chunky knit combo. 

Hiking Boots

While hiking boots were originally designed to protect the feet and ankles while hiking, providing additional traction as well, today you don’t have to head out on a hike to wear this trend. Whether you’re heading out on the trails or looking for a great weekend look, these boots are a versatile addition to your closet. The tough-as-nails boots look the best with rugged fabrics like flannel shirts, denim, cable knit, and corduroy. 

Chelsea Boots

Chelsea boots, with their slip-on design, extreme comfort (no spindly heels or unwieldy buckles), and versatility, have been a wardrobe MVP for the past few years. However, it’s not always easy to style them correctly. The trick – don’t wear them with pants that are too long or too short. Skinny jeans that hit right at your ankle look great with Chelsea boots, as do wide-leg pants, pleated midi skirts, and even ultra-short mini dresses.

Knee High Boots

Knee high boots end right below or right at the knee, and the taller silhouette can make you look long and lean. They also have some cold-weather benefits over ankle boots since they keep you warmer and do a better job at keeping snow and rain from getting inside your boots. Most knee high boots come in classic leather or suede and come with zippers, straps, or buckles. 

Available in many colors, they’re perfect for everyday wear and workwear with leggings, jeans, skirts, and trousers. Add them to jeans and a leather jacket, a knee-length dress, a long wool coat, or with a form fitting bodycon dress. 

Winter Boots

Winter boots are designed with function in mind, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be fashionable. While the main goal is to find winter boots that keep you warm and dry, you’ll also want to invest in a pair that looks cool, too. Trying to figure out how to style these functional boots? Try them with black jeans, leggings, or skinny jeans and a camel coat, or you can layer up with leggings, thick socks, flannel, and a warm coat for a toasty and stylish look. 

Riding Boots

Inc International Concepts Inc Fawne Riding Leather Boots, Created for Macy's Women's Shoes -50%

Inc International Concepts Inc Fawne Riding Leather Boots, Created for Macy's Women's Shoes

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Riding boots, originally designed for horseback riders, have been around for decades. The feature a unique design in heel, toe, and length, and they have a utilitarian, classic look that sets them apart from other boot styles. Celebrities love riding boots, and they often pair them up with girlish elements like a mini skirt, military elements like a military jacket, or casual pieces like skinny jeans and a cardigan.

Chukka Boots

Chukka boots are a lace-up style of boots that usually a bit shorter than ankle boots. Often known as desert boots, the boots have their roots in a type of boots worn by British soldiers back in World War II in the Western Desert Campaign. They look great with black skinnies, a white down vest, and long sleeve tee. You can also wear them with a trench coat, a slip dress, or a cropped tee and leather jacket.

Boot Details

Metallic Boots

Metallic accessories have been on-trend the past few seasons, and metallic boots are no exception. From silver boots to gold boots, they are a style you can wear for nearly any occasion. Make them office-friendly by adding them to a monotone outfit for a bit of punch. For a night out, pair them with a lace bodysuit and denim for a bombshell look. For a laid-back weekend, simply add straight-cut jeans with a casual knit or plain t-shirt for a look that’s stylish without trying too hard.

Cut Out Boots

Cut out boots feature unique cut outs around the ankle or all over the boot that give them a grungy, edgy look, and thanks to designers like Balenciaga, they’ve become a popular boot choice. While they may not be the best footwear choice for rainy or cold days, they do add a fresh touch to many outfits. For a casual look, wear them with a denim skirt, Bermuda shorts, or a pair of slim jeans. For an edgier outfit, add them to your favorite miniskirts, leggings, or dresses.

Perforated Boots

Perforated boots have a lot of holes pierced into them for a unique style. Again, these aren’t your best bet for snowy or rainy days, but they lend a unique look to your outfits. Pair them up with biker style denim pants or a military style jacket.

Cougar Celeste Waterproof Rain Boot -78%

Cougar Celeste Waterproof Rain Boot

$60 $13.12

Glitter Boots

Popular with stars like Rihanna and designed by brands like Saint Laurent, glitter boots are an eye-catching, embellished boot that adds some sparkle to any outfit. Trendy and fun, you can use glitter boots to mix textures and prints, pair them with a classic leather jacket, or add them to your LBD to make the most of your favorite going-out look.

Studded Boots

Embellished boots like studded boots allow you to add a bit of eye catching detail to any outfit in your closet. They’re edgy and fun, and they look great with black skinnies and a leather jacket. You can dress them up by going with a chic all-black look, wearing a black pair of studded boots with a lacy black shift dress and adding a studded handbag to match. 

Leopard Print Boots

Leopard print has been a big trend in nearly everything – from accessories to pants to dresses. Leopard print boots are sophisticated and sexy, but styling them correctly is a must (they don’t work with everything). They always look great with black trousers, they’ll go wonderfully with any pair of jeans, and you’ll never go wrong if you wear them with a little black dress

Popular Boot Materials

Suede Boots

Suede boots continually reign as one of the mainstays in any fashion lover’s fall and winter wardrobe. Over the knee suede boots in black or taupe pair well with an oversized sweater. You can even double down on your suede by pairing your boots with a suede jacket in the same color. Distressed denim looks great with suede, and suede boots will look great with workwear as well, such as office-friendly dresses and trousers.

Abound Dorin Faux Suede Block Heel Bootie -25%

Abound Dorin Faux Suede Block Heel Bootie

$49 $37.48

Leather Boots

Leather is a tough, long-lasting material and leather boots have been associated with being edgy and cool for years. They’re timeless and worth the investment because they’ll last a lot longer than boots made from other types of materials. Leather boots are a comfortable choice, but they also look great with nearly anything you wear, depending on the boot design. 

Leather stiletto boots look perfect with mini dresses and LBDs. A pair of leather motorcycle boots look perfect with distressed jeans. Leather booties are a great choice to wear with skinnies, summer dresses, and almost anything else you own. 

Velvet Boots

Velvet boots offer the elegant matte texture and cool factor of velvet in boots. They’ve been a popular fashion trend for the past fall and winter seasons, and they’re a big favorite among models and celebrities. From heeled velvet boots to velvet booties, there’s something for everyone if you want to add this romantic look to your wardrobe. Whether you’re a pants girl or you love skirts, velvet boots look great with both.

Patent Leather Boots

Patent leather has had a revival in popularity over the past couple of years, enjoying a resurgence as trendy brands have started releasing them once again. Patent leather is a type of leather that’s coated with a glossy finish, providing exceptional shine. Keep in mind, regular cleaning is essential for keeping patent leather boots and shoes looking their best. 

Patent leather boots instantly take you back to the ‘80s with their retro style, and a pair of red boots can elevate a simple jeans and t-shirt look while a pair of black patent leather boots is dressy enough to wear with your favorite office attire.

Shoptiques Quilted Black Boots -14%

Shoptiques Quilted Black Boots

$42 $36.00

Synthetic Boots

Synthetic boots, rubber boots, in particular, are excellent footwear choices for days when there’s bad weather like rain, sleet, or snow (or all three). While many boots are made of synthetic materials, rubber boots are the go-to when you don’t want to deal with wet, cold food. Although they’re a functional choice, they’re also fashionable right now. Combine them with dark wash blue jeans, wear them with a favorite puffer jacket, or pair them with a feminine dress as the weather warms up.

Top Colors for Boots

Black Boots

Black boots are an essential in every wardrobe – they go with anything, so you’ll get your money’s worth when you invest in your favorite boot styles in black. Whether it’s a pair of moto style boots or a pair of black booties, you’ll wear them again and again.

Beige Boots

Beige is a neutral that’s been so on-trend the last couple of fashion seasons, and it’s surprising how versatile beige boots can be. Wear them with jeans or your favorite work outfit when you want something different than black or brown.

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FitFlop Valorie

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FitFlop Superchelsea

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FitFlop Mukluk Shorty Ii

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Brown Boots

Brown boots are another wardrobe staple, and you’ll get a lot of mileage from classic styles like brown knee high boots or brown western boots. Whether you’re dressing up or dressing down, you’ll pull brown boots out of your closet again and again.

Dark Grey Boots

Dark grey is another neutral that’s dark enough that you can style dark grey boots almost like you would black boots – they’re just as versatile. They look great with other neutrals or use them to tone down a bright outfit.

Light Grey Boots

If you’re going to wear light grey boots, you’ll likely want to wear them with lighter colors. They look great with lighter shades of gray, white, and pastels. Grey leggings and a white puffer or a white leather jacket look perfect with light gray boots.

White Boots

White boots have become a hot winter and summer staple, with models and celebs like Gigi Hadid and Selena Gomez wearing this color of boots regularly. These boots look great with light-wash denim or an all-white summer outfit (see Selena’s outfit). You can even go for an edgier look by pairing your white boots with a tulle skirt and leather jacket.

Red Boots

If you’re looking for stand-out footwear, red boots are perfect, and they’re surprisingly versatile. In shades like cherry, burgundy, and scarlet, you’re sure to find a hue you love. A pair of shiny, patent leather, knee high red boots looks great with a leopard print skirt. Add a pop to your basic jeans and t-shirt go-to outfit with a pair of red ankle boots. Take an all-black outfit to the next level with a pair of eye-popping stiletto boots in red.

FitFlop Superchelsea -50%

FitFlop Superchelsea

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Boot Heel Heights

Low Heel Boots

Low heel boots usually include boots that have a heel that’s two-inches or lower (including kitten heels). They’re go-to for many women simply because they’re so comfortable. Since low heel boots may feel a bit less elevated than stilettos, the right styling techniques are critical. A pair of low heel ankle boots looks great with a silk skirt and a turtleneck. Pointed-toe low heel black boots make your legs go on for days when paired with black skinnies.

High Heel Boots

From booties to above the knee styles, high heel boots offer a sexy, glamorous look. You can’t go wrong with a pair of black high heeled boots, which look just as great with your favorite office outfits as they do with a stunning date night look. A black mini dress with black over the knee boots is a hot look, but a pair of red ankle booties added to jeans is just as sexy.

Flat Heel Boots

When you’re looking for boots that offer both comfort and style, flat heel boots are the way to go. They offer all the charm of boots without the discomfort that can come with wearing heels all day. Pair with a long, flowing maxi dress, wear with your favorite distressed jeans, or wear them with a summery, floral dress to add edge.

Boot Closures

Zip Up Boots

Looking for boots with closures that are a cinch to deal with? Zip up boots let you zip into your boots in seconds. Some feature hidden zippers, while others make the zipper a part of the boots’ overall look. Just remember, if you need a bit more room in the calves, zippers may not be as forgiving as other types of closures.

Buckle Boots

Buckle boots feature one or more buckles for closures, but they’re not just functional – those buckles also look really cool. A pair of black buckle up booties offers a rocker chic look when paired with jeans and a tough leather jacket. Flat buckle boots look great with a denim skirt. Some buckles have multiple settings so you can buckle your boots tighter or looser, which can improve the fit, particularly for boots that go up over the calves.

Boots with Laces

Boots with laces come in many styles, including wedges, military inspired boots, and even booties. Laces offer a fashion-forward look, and they make it easy to customize the fit and feel of your boots so they feel great. Black lace up boots look great with a LBD, lace up stiletto boots add a sexy touch to skinnies, and leather lace-up combat boots add a bit of toughness to a maxi skirt.

Best Boot Brands

We’ve got all your favorite boot brands, whether you want something affordable or you’re ready to invest in a luxury brand. Check out your favorite boot styles and then pick out your favorite brands.

Luxury Boot Brands

If you’re ready to invest in a luxury brand, we’ve got boots in the hottest luxury brands, such as: 

Affordable Boot Brands

Even if you’re not ready to spend a lot of money, we have affordable brands that let you try out the latest boot trends without emptying your wallet. A few great affordable boot brands include:

Boot Brands You Should Know

Mid-tier boot brands every girl will love include:

Great Boot Sales

Everyone likes a good sale, and we’ve got them. When you want the latest styles at great prices, check out our latest sales on boots. Browse through our 50% off sales for really big savings that make it affordable to add a few more pairs of boots to your wardrobe.

Exciting Trends in Boots

You likely have the classic boots already in your closet, but you’ll also want to invest in some of the latest boot trends so your fashion game is on point. According to Elle, slouchy, ‘80s-style boots are back in style again, featuring a unique cone heel and a slouchy look that is especially cool in acid wash denim. Cowboy boots with a twist from brands like Tibi, Fendi, and Isabel Marant are all on-trend, especially those with skinny heels. 

Cosmo notes that high-heeled combat boots, especially those with fun embellishments like rhinestones, are a fun, edgy trend. Other on-trend boot styles to consider are hiking boots, wild animal print boots (think animal prints in crazy colors), fringed boots, and lavender boots.

Boots in Pop Culture

Celebrities are just like you – they love boots! And it doesn’t matter the style – stars have been seen in nearly every style of boots out there. The $10,000 glitter boots from Saint Laurent have been a huge hit with celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Beyoncé, and Rihanna. In the past couple of years, celebrities like Hailey Baldwin, Gigi Hadid, and Rihanna have jumped on board with the white ankle boot trend. 

Over the knee boots, another hot trend, have been seen on models and stars like Chrissy Teigen, Olivia Palermo, and Miranda Kerr. Leather boots, ankle booties, and even Ugg boots are also celebrity-approved.

Boots – Always On-Trend

Boots aren’t just a functional wardrobe staple, they’re a fashion must for every stylish girl’s closet. Always make sure you have classic styles like leather boots, knee-high boots, and booties on hand. But don’t be afraid to try out newer trends like western boots, patent leather styles, or a fun pair of red boots. Boots are always on-trend, and whether it’s the middle of winter or the hottest part of the summer, a great pair of boots will always add a great sense of style to nearly any outfit.

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